Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back From New York

Yun- Fe Ji @ James Cohan Gallery
Joyce Pensato @ Parkers Box
Jonathan Borofsky @ Deitch Projects
Rosmarie Fiore @ Winkleman Plus Ultra
Wayne White @ Clementine Gallery

Here are some shots, from my trip to NY last week. Several of my appointments fell through so I spent several days scoping the galleries. This was one of my most extensive trips in years in which I guess that I visited about 100 galleries in Chelsea, Brooklyn and Soho. I expected to bury Caesar but now I have to praise him. The number of strong shows was almost overwhelming and the density and convenience of the scene was very impressive.

I will be posting a few reviews and follow ups on my trip over the next few weeks. Major highlights included mini blogger convention at The Intrepid Art Collector book signing; the NY Art Book Fair and a bunch of gallery openings. One strange thing was the number of great shows of artists with Pittsburgh connections. Gagosian had a two space show of late Warhol works; Deitch Projects, a major Borofsky exhibit; Jack The Pelican Presents, a show of Pittsburgh alum-Jamie Adams and Kim Foster an installation by Pittsburgh resident Dianne Samuels. ( with a piece like the one in her last Mattress Factory show )

Here is a small list of the standout shows.

Absolute Knockout

Dieter Roth @ Josee Bienvenu
Arturo Herrera @ Sikkema Jenkins
John Newsome @ Mike Weiss Gallery
Eleanore Mikus @ The Drawing Center
Jamie Adams @ Jack the Pelican Presents
Jonathan Borofsky @ Deitch Projects
Yun- Fe Ji @ James Cohan Gallery
Ray Johnson @ Fiegan Contemporary

Very Strong

Rosmarie Fiore @ Winkleman Plus Ultra
Diane Samuels @ Kim Foster
Violet Hopkins @ Foxy Production
Jason Brooks @ Stellan Holm Gallery
Jennifer Steinkamp@ Lehman Maupin
Joyce Pensato@ Parkers Box
Color Aside group show @ Luhring Augustine
Wayne White @ Clementine
David Scher @ Pierogi
Kate Gilmore @ Pierogi
Keith Mayerson @ Derek Eller
Lordan Bunch @ Schroeder Romero

Two things seemed to stand out. One was that there were a large number of strong painting shows and very few weak ones and the other was the seemingly high percentage of shows artists who don’t live in NY. The few video pieces I saw seemed very good.


Anonymous said...

Did you make it to Stux for Nicola Verlato?

John Morris said...

No Chris, I missed that show. I hit a bunch of places in Chelsea that day and then hit the NY Art Book fair and then the open studios at Hunter and then The Pierogi opening in Brooklyn and then the opening at Sideshow in Brooklyn.

I looked online and from what i could see i would have liked to see the work in person.

Heart As Arena said...

Dude! You've seen more than me and I live here. Thanks for all this.