Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Blogger Show - Artist reception Saturday 12/8 + 12/15

@Digging Pitt Gallery - Reception: December 8, 6-9PM

@Digging Pitt Too - Reception: December 8, 6-9PM

@Panza Gallery - Reception: December 15, 6-9PM

In November, Digging Pitt (Pittsburgh PA) began a joint effort with Agni Gallery (New York, NY) and Panza Gallery (Millvale, PA) to present The Blogger Show. The exhibits showcase the work of over thirty artists whose common interest is in clarifying artistic discourse through their blogs. All of the exhibits will take place between November 3, 2007 and January 12, 2008. Preview the exhibits online at Fiji Island Mermaid Press, courtesy of Marc Snyder. Stay current with The Blogger Show artists on the blog or join us at MySpace.

The Blogger Show @Agni Gallery - November 3-30, 2007
The first tendril of The Blogger Show in physical space ends on November 30. If you missed the show you can still check out installation images here and reception images here and here.

The artists in the exhibits at Agni, Digging Pitt and Panza Galleries represent a range of visual disciplines and aesthetics. The one commonality is active blogging. Some use blogging as a platform for discussing issues facing visual artists while others treat the blog as a public journal. Whatever approach or combination of approaches, all have brought a level of clarity to artistic discourse. These exhibits are a reflection, in physical space, of the ephemeral blogosphere. And by its very nature, an extension of the guiding philosophy behind Digging Pitt’s flat file archive. - Read more

Excerpt from Bill Gusky's article (Artblog Comments) Read more

This exhibition focuses on the work of artists who are active art blog writers. The work you see here emerged in the studio in near-simultaneity with the artist’s written expressions. These twin efforts – art making and blog writing -- sometimes appear to flow together and intertwine beautifully, and at other times almost seem to be in diametric opposition.

The Blogger Show @Digging Pitt Gallery - November 10, 2007 - January 12, 2008
Public reception December 8
Digging Pitt Gallery - 4417 Butler Street - Pittsburgh PA 15201
TH 12 - 8 FR 12 - 7 SA/SU 11 - 7 and by appointment 412-605-0450
Digging Pitt Gallery is exhibiting some of the artists in more depth, allowing a greater presentation of the artists' works. Read More

Installation images from Digging Pitt

Appearing @Digging Pitt Gallery (Pittsburgh PA)
Martin Bromirski – (Richmond VA) Anaba
Sharon Butler (Mystic, CT) – Two Coats of Paint
Lisa Call (Parker, CO) - New Work and Inspiration
F. Lennox Campello (Washington, DC) Mid Atlantic Art News"
Rose Clancy (Pittsburgh, PA) – paperWorks
Kevin Clancy (Boston MA and Pittsburgh PA) - soft soft pink pulls through the ivory void Warren Craghead - drawer
Roberta Fallon (Philadelphia PA) Fallon and Rosof's Artblog
Ann Gordon (Detroit MI) - Detroitarts
Cable Griffith (Seattle WA) - Cable Griffith
Tracy Helgeson - Works by Tracy Helgeson
Stephanie Lee Jackson (Brooklyn NY) - Pretty Lady
JT Kirkland (Washington, D.C.) - Thinking About Art
Mary Klein (Minneapolis, MN) - stillifes
Eva Lake (Portland, OR) -Eva Lake
Steven LaRose - (Ashland OR) Steven LaRose
Michael Lease (Richmond VA) - Annabelle's Aspirin
Jean McClung (Pittsburgh PA) Urban Bytes
John Morris (Pittsburgh, PA) - Digging Pittsburgh Arts
Elizabeth Perry (Pittsburgh, PA) - Woolgathering
Christopher Reiger (New York, NY) Hungry Hyaena
Libby Rosof (Philadelphia PA) Fallon and Rosof's Artblog
Marc Snyder (Pittsburgh, PA) - Fiji Island Mermaid Press

The Blogger Show @Digging Pitt Too - November 10, 2007 - January 12, 2008 - Public reception December 8
Digging Pitt Too - 45th & Plummer Streets - Pittsburgh PA 15201
SA 12 – 5 and by appointment - 412-605-0450
Susan Constanse and Bill Gusky will be sharing Digging Pitt Too. Read more

Installation images from Digging Pitt Too

Appearing @Digging Pitt Too (Pittsburgh PA)
Susan Constanse (Pittsburgh, PA) - Oranje
Bill Gusky (Canton, CT) - Artblog Comments

The Blogger Show @Panza Gallery - November 10, 2007 - January 12, 2008
Public reception December 15
Panza Gallery - 115 Sedgwick Street - Millvale PA 15209
WE/Th/FR 10-5 SA 10-3 and by appointment - 412-821-0959
Panza Gallery will have a regional focus, showcasing Pittsburgh's local bloggers. There will also be a presentation of work created by artist journaling. Read more

Appearing @Panza Gallery (Millvale PA)

Kevin Clancy (Boston MA and Pittsburgh PA) - soft soft pink pulls through the ivory void
Susan Constanse (Pittsburgh, PA) - Oranje
Christiane D (Pittsburgh PA) - Christiane D
David Grim (Pittsburgh, PA) - Serendipity
Sophie Klahr (Pittsburgh PA) - the story of how it is
John Morris (Pittsburgh, PA) - Digging Pittsburgh Arts
David Pohl (Pittsburgh, PA) - find the time to rhyme
Amy Wilson New York, NY) - working

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Agni Gallery - Blogger Show ending Nov 30

Yes, the exhibit at Agni Gallery is indeed ending. If you missed it, you can always check out the preview of the artists’ works, hosted online by Fiji Island Mermaid Press. And if you want even more details about the exhibits and artists involved in the Blogger Show, check out the Blogger Show Blog.

The exhibits at Digging Pitt, Digging Pitt Too and Panza Galleries opened on November 10, with all of the shows closing on January 12. Join us for the artists receptions -

Digging Pitt and Digging Pitt Too

November 10 - January 12 - Public Reception: December 8, 2007: 6-9pm


November 10 - January 12 - Public Reception: December 15: 6-9pm

A preview of the artists’ works are hosted online.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Blogger Show @Digging Pitt

The exhibits are all installed, labeled, and ready. There are additional images of the individual artists' work, but as a teaser, here is the long views of both the left and right sides of Digging Pitt.

And if you are in the neighborhood, stop by -

Artist Talk @Agni Gallery - 170 East 2nd Street - New York NY 10009 - 412-389-0288
Saturday, Nov 24, 5PM
Join artists, John Morris and David Grim at Agni Gallery for an artists' talk. John will be bringing in some work from his portfolio. David , in New York for a brief visit, will be discussing his "Book of Life" series. Any blogger that wants to get in on the fun is welcome to drop in to speak.

Left Gallery installation view


Right side installation view

Tracy Helgeson @BoxHeart

I got to Boxheart early enough last night that I had an unobstructed view of Tracy's work, at least for a few moments anyway. The solo exhibit of Tracy Helgeson's landscapes is a feast for the senses, with the warm-to-burning tones of these extraordinary paintings. If you are in the area, make a point of stopping in.

A gently reminder - Tracy's work is included in the Blogger Show at Agni and Digging Pitt Galleries.






Additional images from the Boxheart exhibit are available.

November 13 - December 8
Paintings by Tracy Helgeson
BoxHeart Gallery
4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
P. 412 687 8858
F. 412 687 6338

Friday, November 16, 2007

Agni Gallery installation images

Hello everyone,
I have been extremely busy installing the shows at Digging Pitt and Digging Pitt Too over the last two weeks. I had meant to post these installation images last week, but with John Morris in New York at Agni, I have had my hands full.

Anyway, here are some installation shots that I took just before the reception started. There are some obvious gaps, so if you have images, please send them to me and I will post them forthwith!











Monday, November 05, 2007

The Blogger Show @Agni Gallery


I am on my way back to Pittsburgh from NYC and the opening reception of The Blogger Show at Agni Gallery. It was a whirlwind of a trip, with more impressions than I can wrap my head around at this moment. Most important was seeing all of the work, after having seen only the tantalizing yet woefully inadequate images in the virtual gallery. 72dpi just doesn’t cut it.

We had a great crew for the installation at Agni. Chris Rywalt put together a great post about the experience.

The opening reception for The Blogger Show was packed, literally, with bloggers and sundry spilling out onto the sidewalk. John Morris and Jean McClung were putting finishing touches on the exhibit throughout the day. Artist bloggers dropped in periodically, lending a hand and offering words of encouragement and bottles of wine. The evening actually got off to an early start with the arrival of Bill Gusky. Stephanie Lee Jackson brought her Gentleman Friend. She had previously met Chris Rywalt, who was there with his wife. Mary Klein is further exploring the motif of airplane and made a landing in NYC. Sharon Butler was in the back of the gallery when Loren Munk arrived, declaiming loudly from Charlie Finch’s article on art blogs, which touched off a lively discussion between Nancy Baker and Bill Gusky. Tracy Helgeson and Doug were there, a calm presence in a maelstrom. Fallon and Rosof were demonstrating their installation of 48 Useful Paintings. But to get the full scope of the reception, check out James Kalm's video --

It was nice to put faces and voices to Barry and James of Bloggy and ArtCal. Brent Burkett, it was wonderful to see you, too. And thanks for the shout out at Heart as Arena.

I can’t begin to thank everybody that had a part in getting the first tendril of The Blogger Show off to an auspicious start. Your good cheer and better skill are appreciated. I am sure that there will be many more thank you’s that are due; after all, The Blogger Show has only begun.

Acknowledgements –

Kevin Clancy
Bill Gusky
Stephanie Lee Jackson and her Gentleman Friend
Jean McClung
Chris Rywalt

John Morris will be manning Agni Gallery during the month of November. He has brought a selection of works from Digging Pitt’s flat file archive. So, if you are in New York, stop by and say hello.

November 3- 30, 2007 - Public Reception: November 3, 6 - 9pm
Agni Gallery
170 East 2nd Street, Storefront #3
New York, NY 10009
WE-SA: 1-7PM

I am just going to throw up some images from the reception. Installation shots will be posted later. But today, I start the installation of the Digging Pitt and Digging Pitt Too shows. So, I am off to meet Elizabeth Perry at Digging Pitt for drop-off. Later --








Thursday, November 01, 2007

Women of Vision @August Wilson

Women of Vision puts together pretty consistent shows. It is a small group, with members that have been showing together for years. It is always worthwhile to see old favorites and the variations that make for such a satisfying exhibit.

A few really stood out for me at the latest Women of Vision exhibit, Soulscapes, which is showing at the August Wilson Center (details are at the end of the post)The seated figure by Dee Currin is lovely. Christine Bethea's construction is actually a wind instrument. I would love to hear her play it some time. I kinda got lost in Christiane's Love Scar piece. And Marica Jackson's sculpture is a lovely mystery.

If you're downtown, drop in

Delores Currin
Christine Bethea
Christiane D

Marica Jackson

SoulScapes by Women of Visions, Inc
August Wilson Center for African American Culture
October 5, 2007 through February 16, 2008
Gallery 209/9, 209 Ninth St., Downtown