Saturday, April 25, 2015

Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival 2015 is an Art, Tech, Eco Treat

Art, Tech and Eco Festival @ Unblurred Art Crawl on Penn Friday, May 1, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA

GA/GI Fest 6 gives "sixburgh" a whole new meaning with its new line up! For the sixth installation of the Geek Art/Green Innovation Festival, They've teamed up with partners old and new. And they are taking Penn Avenue's May on Unblurred and putting it on steroids. 

What are the rules that make GA/GI Pittsburgh's "most fun" green festival? No rules! Each venture and project partner is given the freedom to create their vision for their segment of the event. We allow for collaboration, expression, experimentation and re-envisioning. It takes a lot of imagination to get GA/GI done and that is just what they count on year after year!  This years highlight include: Climate control gaming with CUSP and the Pittsburgh Conservancy; three Latin American-themed venues--one with with art technology; a neon exhibition, a spoken word "Story Arts Explosion"; events with a youth and children's focus; urban farmers and a poster sale event to benefit a teacher going to work with Native Americans. Click on the blog link above for specific events--The majority are Free to the Public.

The Eatery Guide

Ok...we admit that the trek between some of the GA/GI and Unblurred event clusters can be a healthy trek for some. You can start in the middle in the 5100 block; the far side toward Children's hospital around 4800 or at the beginning around 5400. And we always suggest you consider starting at GA/GI Headquarters--the Pittsburgh Glass Center (5472 Penn) which has a time span that begins at regular business hours ( 11 am) and expands until around 9 pm. (the majority of events are in the evening between 6 and 10 pm) At the PGC, you can pick up a flyer and find more info on the event. Below we also offer places to stop, rest and rethink your GA/GI strategy as you take it all in. Also, consult our "Schedule of Events" tab on this blog for updated info.

Restaurants starting near Penn & Negley (15224) traveling west towards downtown...

Salt of the Earth  5523 Penn Ave,  Open 5 pm to midnight

Verde Mexican  Kitchen and Cantina  5491 Penn Ave. Open  11 am to 11 pm

Commonplace Coffee/Voluto 5467 Penn Ave. Open  7 am to 7 pm

BFG (Greek) Cafe 5335 Penn Ave.  Open 1 pm to 8 pm

People's Indian Restaurant  5147 Penn Ave. Open 5 pm to 10 pm

Spak Brothers Pizza  5107 Penn Open 11 am to 11 pm or later