Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Global RISD @ Winkleman

What does this post about a Providence school having an MFA show at a New York gallery have to do with Pittsburgh? Kids paying for top MFA programs, have an interest in having their efforts seen and in entering the international dialog of the art world. Do you think CMU will ever do something like this?

Even more impressive is that it looks like the kids took things into their own hands by proposing the show themselves."Organized by MFA candidate Cortney Andrews, whose work will be shown along with the photography of candidates Jonathan Cana, Maureen Keaveny, Amy Lovera, Patrick Madigan and Millee Tibbs."


Joerg Colberg said...

I hate to tell you this but RISD is a bit of a different league, so it's not quite a surprise that RISD would get into a NY gallery. As, btw, did Yale, whose students will be showing at Danziger Projects.

But the secret here is, of course, as always to simply ask to show some initiative. If I remember correctly, James Danziger was approached by a Yale student (and not by the university) - and isn't this something local students could do, too?

gavin said...

we had a show, albiet a short one, at David Zwerner when I was at SVA. This was completely organized by students. Galleries have their reasons for supporting this sort of thing too. Local students get together and go for it!