Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life on Mars

Well, I was poking around a bit on the Carnegie Museum site, hoping that the promised CI08 website would be up. I did find an interview that was good -

From Frieze Magazine: James Trainor interviews Douglas Fogle
DF: The show will be about the relationship between a viewer and an object, and between the artist and the world. Viktor Shklovsky, the Russian formalist critic, wrote in 1917 that the revolutionary poet is one who can make the stone a little bit more stony. I love this: it sums up what an artist does, taking a little slice of the world and showing it to us again slightly differently. I think art can affect the world, and I think it does so in an intimate way. This is the kind of art that I’m interested in for the show. Read the article

Doug Aitken

Heart As Arena has posted about Doug Aitken a few times. I have never seen this artist's work, but given Brent's enthusiasm, I am looking forward to seeing what is included in the Life on Mars exhibit. Unfortunately, the sites I have been looking at won't allow me to snag any test for this post; you'll just have to follow the links out from Brent's posts. Please do, you won't be disappointed.

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