Tuesday, November 25, 2008

World Turned Upside Down Part 2

The Times reinforced my thesis about American emigration trends with a story about American lawyers looking overseas for work. Again, it's not just that there's demand in other places and countries or that firms are opening and expanding offices in places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Doha and Singapore. The shift is that this growth is now firms growth engine. These jobs used to be very hard to fill.

"When Kirkland opened its Hong Kong office in 2006, Mr. Eich says, it was hard to complete its hiring locally. American and British firms there were willing to make candidates the kind of fantastic offers they’d rarely see at home. “Two years ago I saw third-years asking to be made partners,” Mr. Eich says. “With the market crash we immediately felt the inflection of that. These days I see partners happy to take a salary adjustment for their circumstances.”"

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