Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wearable art @Luke and Eloy

Last week, I took a trip up Butler Street to Luke and Eloy Gallery. The exhibit that is currently installed was well worth the trip. But the reasons for this galley to be on your must see list doesn't stop with this exhibit. The gallery houses an incredible selection of wearable art.

Michelle Pajak Reynolds

The above work by Michelle Pajak Reynolds is fom her Drawing series of wearable art. Each work is meant to be worn as an adornment; all of them can also be viewed as an artwork on either a platform as a a wall piece. The works are extraordinary as drawings.

Tod Pardon

The pins that Tod Padon have created are ensconced on small pedestals. The pins are masterfully created and ae more of art than the more pedestrian fare that is usual. The pins are generous in size and would hold a space well, either viewed as a sculpture or worn as an adornment.

Arthur Hash

There are several artists creating more whimsical works, like the above beard pins by Arthur Hash.

Emanuela Aureli

These delicate coils by Emanuela Aureli came as both rings and pins.

Brigitte Martin

The above pins are from Brigitte Martin's Prunella Pins series. Ms. Martin, coincidentally, is the owner of Luke and Eloy Gallery. There weren't a lot of examples of her work on display, but what there was were exceptional. Actually, I could have done with seeing a few more of her works; they were stunning. Ms. Martin studied under a master goldsmith in Germany and has been creating her own wearble art ever since. You can definitely see this long and lustrous expeience in her works. One of the pieces that she had on display was knit from fine silver wire. It was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I did not get an image of it, so you will have to go to the gallery and see it yourself.

All of these beautiful works were appropriately displayed in this gallery. Nothing was crowded, the cases and walls were installed with a respect for the space that individual works need in order to be properly considered. Ms. Martin has an excellent eye for exceptional and well-finished work.Luke and Eloy is a great addition to the Pittsburgh gallery scene. Definitely stop in.

5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri 11-2
Sat 11-5


michelle pajak-reynolds said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for blogging about my work and my fellow artists at Luke & Eloy. Additional pieces from my Drawing Series will be on view at the gallery during my solo show "Evolution", opening June 20.

In the meantime, I'll be attending the "Double Vision" opening this Saturday at L&E, hope to see you there.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle,
Thanks for stopping by. I really do enjoy your work and hope to meet you on Saturday, at the reception for Double Vision.