Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deconstruction Workers


I had mentioned last week that I was going to swing by for the opening of Penumbrae. I had a great conversation with Andre and Laurie about language, iconography and logographics with a smattering of journaling. Penumbrae is a continuing collaboration which will hopefully reach its next edition at another venue. Deconstruction Workers have mounted their own blog about the project. Their most recent post has some great installation shots of Construct 1.0. Following is a brief description from the artists about this collaborative effort --

Deconstruction Workers (Andres Ortiz Ferrari and Laurie Trok) are opening their first collaborative installation this Saturday night at Monk’s (3634 Penn Avenue) from 7-11 PM.

Penumbrae :: Construct 1.0 explores the relationships between shadows and form by creating an environment filled with paper cutouts and stencils that ebb and flow through the space. Inspired by cave drawings, petroglyphs, and street art, the Deconstruction Workers weave iconic glyphic imagery through an endless web of contrast, evoking a primordial yet modern sacred space that changes and moves as the viewer finds their way through this other world. Filled with a parallel entanglement of lyriform sound, chaos finds its order.

Head over to Monk’s on Saturday and experience a space of partial illumination, as shadow covers, surrounds and obscures a dreamlike cosmos.

( $20 gets you a stencil of the artists’ choice when the show comes down next month! ) email for details.

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