Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scott Fertig's Artist Tributes Blog

I was doing research for a post about the Henry Koener show at Chatham and stumbled on a great blog Scott Fertig "Dedicated to great artists who seem to be underserved on the internet." There are not a whole lot of posts but they focus mostly on artists's with some connection to Pittsburgh and Scott Fertig's life.

A few tributes Scott put up.

Joe Gregory

Michael Taylor

Ronald Hall

Sally Balick

Edward Sorel

Henry Koener

Anatoly Dverin

Speaking of Tributes, the blog died far too young just like Scott. (who I never met)But luckily his website is still up with some good documentation of his work.

"But Scott Fertig had a passion for faces, drawing caricatures both professionally and as a favorite pastime. Mr. Fertig, a Bon Air native who lived in Arlington, Va., died Friday of cancer. He was 41.

"Scott went everywhere with a drawing pad and paper," said his brother, Todd Fertig, of Jersey City, N.J. "He was drawing faces all the time and noticed similarities and forms that other people wouldn't notice."

Beyond caricatures, he also sold portraits and murals and had other artwork featured in galleries in both Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. His most prominent public artwork is the Times Project Wholey Warehouse Mural of a 1957 Chevy at 16th Street and Penn Avenue in the Strip District.

In 2002, the Washington Post wrote a feature story on Mr. Fertig, noting his habit of setting up shop at a local Starbucks and secretly drawing those around him."

Scott also had a nice blog of his caracatures and sketches.

Spend some time on the website. A lot of nice work there. I hope very much that the website and blogs stay up. It appears his family is doing that.

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Todd Fertig said...

Hi John,

Just came across this post, which I really appreciate. Scott was my brother.

I'm in the process of bringing his website live again. For some reason it was knocked offline, but I have all the files and hopefully will get it online again soon.

Warm regards -