Friday, September 24, 2010

Final Sale at Vacca's Drycleaners and Tailoring This Weekend

As so well described by Merge in the post below, lots going on in the Burgh this weekend.
Need some interesting clothing to go to all your events? Check out this sale:

Vacca's Drycleaners and Tailoring has been in business (at the current location) for 50 years. Sadly (for me, not for him) Mr Vacca retired several months ago (at age 80). He created a wonderful environment (definitely could have been a set for the show Madmen)in which he did the highest quality work possible, and he was an integral part of the community.
More on Mr. Vacca later , as I have a blog entry I am working on. I will be putting that up later this weekend.
Since his retirement, they have been having having very periodic sales at the store. I had wanted to post about these earlier, but I never knew when they were going to occur.
The final one will be this weekend. Fri- Sunday 10 am to
4pm in conjunction with the Little Italy Days in Bloomfield,
4623 Liberty Ave, bright blue facade.
This was NOT a place where they got rid of the drycleaning/tailoring if no one picked it up after 30 days. Actually, there was such an overwhelming amount of clothing for sale that I only really started to look at it last weekend, once it had thinned down a bit. There is a lot of stuff there. I bought some great jeans and a vintage boys white cotton shirt that I love....and a boys black formal jacket. Among other things.
The prices are very low. There are also some other random items left in the store, including buttons, bows, ties, that kind of thing, and maybe they will put more out. There are some amazing vintage wedding dresses.

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