Friday, October 29, 2010

October 30th Closing Reception Unsmoke Systems"The New Abstract"

Before you go off to your Halloween parties:Closing reception in Braddock for Unsmoke Systems "The New Abstract". Usually these openings also involve brick baked pizza and an outdoor fire.

UnSmoke Systems Artspace
1137 Braddock Ave
Braddock, PA

CLOSING RECEPTION: October 30th 6-10pm
Featuring LIVE Musical/Theatrical performances

Vanishing Point aims to present work that confronts the notion of a “new abstract”. Inclusive to all medium, the exhibition presents abstraction as a means of reconciliation to the dislocation of self in modern life.

...Engaging concepts of science, personal histories, politics and beyond, these artists build upon the histories of abstract art to fashion a sense of stability in an environment ever changing, ever updating – an environment built upon a constant feed for more information, with its reference point focused evermore on the self in synthetic environments.

Through this visual “storm” these artists have honed their use of abstraction not only as a means to understand their world, but as a mechanism to locate themselves as an individual in a sea of turbulent messages and meaning. Our understanding of our self becomes more abstract each day – these artists represent a direction where abstraction is no longer universal, but an intrinsically personal understanding.


Jenna Hannum / Katie Hinton / Simona Josan / Michael Kalmbach / Adam Lister / Caroline Santa / Phillip Scarpone / Cullen Stephenson / Matthew West

Various members of Drew + the Medicinal Pen will present an original “theatrical” performance in conjunction with Vanishing Point at UnSmoke Systems (Braddock, PA). ( )

Curated by Brookes Britcher and Alexander Conner

adaptation ( )
Our goal is to provide challenging and dynamic curatorial interventions to traditional and non-traditional art venues. We curate, develop and produce exhibitions and related events at off-site venues ranging from houses, storefronts, backyards as well as traditional gallery and museum spaces. The activities generated and developed by Adaptation attempt to provide a venue and a context for artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, designers, architects and others of the creative ilk to actively engage in the cross-pollination of ideas, practice and inspiration through the activation
of a space.

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