Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pyrotopia Fire Arts Festival comes to Homestead: April 27th & 28th, 2012

Pyrotopia overview from Pyrotopia on Vimeo.

This now long awaited event got delayed a bit but now has finalised dates and location. It will now be held around The Pump house in Homestead.

Keep up with the details here.

It will be the East Coast’s first-ever festival dedicated entirely to fire arts, presenting fire’s diversity of use by artists and celebrating humankind’s primal fascination with fire.

Pyrotopia will entertain and enchant attendees with the use of fire and related media such as electricity and light in artistic ways. Activities at Pyrotopia will include
• fire dancing, spinning, hooping, swallowing and other performances
• interactive fire sculptures and games
• fire-related demonstrations
• a gallery show of fire-related and inspired imagery, sculpture, video and other media
• workshops and lectures on fire science, history, safety and other topics
• and more

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