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BoxHeart Inter/National 2014

BoxHeart Inter/National

Each year, BoxHeart curates an exhibit of a far-flung group of visual artists, and it's always a good. This year is no exception. Really, a very lovely exhibit, and very tightly curated. The exhibit this year features delicate, detailed works in sculpture, drypoint and mixed media.

Elisa Mearelli (detail)
Elisa Mearelli (detail)

Elisa Mearelli - Coleottero
Elisa Mearelli Coleottero
 The above is a detail of Elisa Mearelli's work, pictured on the left. Which is one very good reason that I think you have to see this exhibit. The work made me curious about the process, and I found an article on Wikipedia about it. The Inter/National features three of Mearelli's works, all of them created in drypoint and each delicate and detailed.

Ms Roberts-Holland's work, while still delicate, has an exuberant quality. The below is a detail, but you really get a feel for the layers and light play in the work.

NICOLE ROBERTS-HOILAND Personal Screen Blue and Gold
Nicole Roberts-Holland Personal Screen Blue and Gold
 Doerte Weber created a very contemplative piece using natural fibers. What really makes the piece interesting is it's subtle light interplay. I had mentioned that the works for the exhibit came from a far flung group of artists. Just a little FYI! Doerte Weber is from Germany, but the work's reference is Texas.

DOERTE WEBER Texas Brush Country
Doerte Weber Texas Brush Country
 I was really struck by Tamar Roded's painting. She has left the work untitled, but from her description, I found that her work is informed by the industrial town in which she lives:

Roded's attraction to urban and industrial subject matter is partly evoked by the environment she grew up in, a small town in the Judean desert. As she walked through the town's empty streets, surrounded by a wide open view of quiet beauty, it always felt like time passed very slowly.

More about Ms. Roded's vision, as well as the other artists in this exhibit, can be found on BoxHeart's website.

TAMAR RODED   Untitled
Tamar Roded Untitled
BoxHeart has recently changed its exhibition schedule, and the exhibits will be on display for a longer period. But don't procrastinate! March will (hopefully) be here before you know it!

The 13th Annual Art Inter/National Exhibition
January 14 - March 14, 2014
BoxHeart Gallery

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