Friday, March 21, 2014

5th YEAR FOR GA/GI FESTIVAL: Art, Fashion, Firemen--Fun for All!

On Friday, April 4, 2014 GA/GI’s grand 5th Anniversary theme is: "Earth, Wind & Fire." It's a tribute to three of nature's greatest elements. Just weeks before the 43rd international Earth Day it's also to thank Pittsburgh's fire-fighting forces for their tireless, brave work within the community.

     GA/GI 5 (99% free to the public) will be held on April 4 with some events extending into Saturday and Sunday in the Garfield/Friendship business district, primarily between 4800 and 5500 Penn Avenue and it's part of the monthly "Unblurred" First Fridays art crawl. One of primary elements of  focus is “fire.” The festival will host a "Fire Safety/Family Circle" sponsored by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield which features a fire truck, fire dancers and a raku pottery firing in association with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Another venue will host a fashion show celebrating local firefighters titled: Hotter Than Hell.
City of Pittsburgh now recruiting!

Mary Brennan,  Mrs. PA 2013
     The fashion showcase, held at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, will include designs styled by Crazy Hot Clothes, Katy Dement, J. Chernovet, Jazmeen, Elaine Healy, Sew Addicted, Sweetheart and Casa de Bolas and looks created by CAPA High School Students. One of the top models walking the runway will be former Mrs. Pennsylvania, Mary Brennan.
Brian Kane's iconic balloon sculpture
     The "wind" element will be represented at the Most Wanted Fine Art gallery with internationally known balloon sculptor Brian Kane. For "earth" there will be an educational art/farming experience at Assemble's art and technology space. Other key partners are Kelly Strayhorn presenting "The Secret History of Love," a trailblazing LBGT performance by Sean Dorsey (buy tickets for this one) as well as Artist's Against Fracking (free) exhibiting at Garfield Artworks. And you'll see: amazing posters by Louis Boston the "Pi guy;" Don Jones' robot art ; Gyreworks laser cuts (GBBN/Edge Studio), a fire piano, Pittsburgh firefighters, Jody Choder, an expert on raising chickens in the city, and enjoy a multitude of other artistic and scientific experiences. Also on hand to thrill and amaze: Three fire performances: Sirkus Dayz, Steel Town Fire, and Pyrotopia.
From the mouth of Pyrotopia /GBBN/Edge Studio

      The mission of the Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival (GA/GI) hasn't changed since its inception as one of the key events of World Environment Day held in 2010 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: To present unique, emerging, and existing technology and environmental projects to the general public in an open, artistic venue. Since that time, no other neighborhood arts event has hosted a more diverse range of scientists, environmentalists, green vendors, fashion designers, video designers, architects, art galleries and artists, local businesses, DIY'ers, universities or students in all levels of education in the city of Pittsburgh.

     The festival's dedication of purpose was recognized and rewarded by the Pittsburgh Technology Council in 2012 with a DATA award. The festival is produced by Passports: The Art Diversity Project in collaboration with The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative, a partnership of Bloomfield Garfield Corporation and Friendship Development. Over 50 businesses and galleries will participate in the GA/GI event! Visit the website for regular updates. Click here.

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