Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Unblurred

Garfield Night Market
Garfield Night Market

It was a really great Unblurred this month, even with the evening on the chill side. Lots of really good work up in the galleries, and the return of the Garfield Night Market. Personal recommendation for nibbles at the Night Market: Tacos from Chicken Latino. It's the splash of lime that gives it extra deliciousness.

I do travel on my stomach. But it really is worth mentioning. On to the art!

I've never seen a full exhibit mounted at Fieldwork before. Sometimes it has art displayed in the windows. But for the May Unblurred there was an exhibit from CSA PGH. The show was really amazing. Small, because the space wouldn't really allow for large works. But tightly curated and well-produced. If I'm reading correctly, the show extends through June, so I may be able to get additional information at the next Unblurred. There are several images from the exhibit in the gallery.

CSA PGH is a unique take on support for artists. It's modeled after the community supported agriculture programs that deliver locally grown produce to its members, but they're delivering culture. It has a strong core membership of local makers, all practicing professionals. It's like black-box art, you don't know what you're going to get when you purchase a share. Whatever is in season!

DS Kinsell, Topographic 5
DS Kinsel, Topographic 5

Great exhibit at MWFA this past month. Very good pairing of DS Kinsel's topographical explorations and Richard Jackley's pigment and surface experiments. The colors were beautiful, and the works had an intriguing surface inticracy.

Tilley Hawk,Motile Trinity
Tilley Hawk, Motile Trinity

I really enjoyed Tilley Hawk's exhibit at Mr. Roboto, too. Given the presence of animal bones and distressed wood, I was surprised that the work didn't feel ominous, but instead felt peaceful. I can't pinpoint what gave me that interpretation of the work. Even the lighting should have played up a sense of danger.

This is so late out of the box, with June's Unblurred less than a week away. I've been a little distracted this month, and could just kick myself. It was such an awesome Unblurred. I'm sure Hune's edition will be pretty fantastic, too.

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