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12/31/14 - 1/6/15 Arts and Urbanism Roundup

Note: Weekly news again dominated by police brutality and abuse issues. Hopefully, this will not always be the case.


Cleveland seeks outside probe of boy's (Tamir Rice) shooting (New York Times)

Death of mentally ill, Cleveland woman, Tanisha Anderson ruled a homicide by county medical examiner (Cleveland Scene)

The Plain Dealer finally has a new editor (Cleveland Scene)

Cleveland based artist, Meg Wilson's online comic, Buntitled gains a hefty following (Cleveland Scene)

Photos of Mick Jagger on display at The Cleveland Museum of Art (RTT News)

An electronic dance music festival 5K is coming to Cleveland in September (Cleveland Scene)

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus lags other areas in walkability (Columbus Dispatch)

Youngstown, Ohio

Private prison in Youngstown to stop housing inmates in May after losing federal contract (Cleveland.com)

Youngstown Playhouse is getting a new tenant (WKBN News)


Amid ongoing federal scrutiny, Pittsburgh's new police chief works to ease local tensions (Government Executive)

Fittsburgh are you ready? Staying in shape in the steel city (Essential Pittsburgh)

Orthodox churches prepare for Christmas (WESA Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh Arts in France program lets students and artist create in the French mountains (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Art Institutes operator, EDMC cuts 225 more jobs nationwide, 10 in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Business Times)

City's older buildings being transformed into artist studios (CBS Pittsburgh)

17 important discoveries and attractions in Western PA that will surprise you (Huffington Post)

Other Pennsylvania news

No, agriculture is not Pennsylvania's top industry (WESA)

State slot-machine revenues fall almost 3% in 2014 (WESA)

Pennsylvania settles lawsuit over treatment of mentally ill inmates (WESA)

Other police abuse, corruption and civil liberties news

Stories listed below hit the news in the last week and are not meant to defame the reputation of almost one million law enforcement and corrections officers.

They do however show that corrupt, brutal, criminal and stupid police conduct is not that uncommon. This is no surprise, since cops, like most humans are far from perfect. Putting on a badge should not automatically make one above reproach or the normal rule of law.

Official corruption and law enforcement conduct is a fundamental aspect of a livable- or unlivable city.

Dozens of retired New York police, (most are cops) firefighters and corrections officers charged with faking disability claims (7 online)

Video of Missouri drug task-force detective kicking a restrained, prone suspect in the head raises many questions (Kansascity.com)

Virginia Police officer charged with sodomizing 7th grader will spend just 30 days in jail, following plea bargain (Liberty Warrior)

North Carolina cop shoots and kills tased, restrained, 100 lb mentally ill teenager. (Boing Boing)

Boston violating public records law by not releasing names of officers caught driving drunk (The Boston Globe)

New York state deputy sheriff arrested for peeping and photographing women (WNYT.com)

San Francisco sheriff's deputy arrested for assault on hospital patient, perjury and filing a false police report (SFGate)

NYPD facing $3 million lawsuit for police nightstick attack caught on video (RT News)

California sheriff's captain arrested on child abuse charges (CBS Local: Sacramento)

Wichita police officer arrested for aggravated assault and battery (ksn.com)

Illinois cop arrested for stealing money, guns while on duty (New York Daily News)

Ellen DeGeneres, inspired ; Dance Dare" prankster thrown on the ground by NYPD (Reason)

Many questions about police shooting of purple heart, Iraq War veteran in Utah (Officer wearing body camera but it was not turned on)  (KSL.com)

Illegitimate "no photography" arrest leads to $1.2 million lawsuit victory on Long Island (Reason)

Hialeah Gardens, Florida cop arrested for DUI after an accident (Miami Herald) (one of many cop DUI stories)

Cook County, Illinois Sheriff's deputy charged with attempted sexual assault of a prostitute (Chicago Tribune)

Chattanooga, Tennessee cop arrested for domestic assault (9 News)

Tennessee cop arrested twice in four months, still on paid leave (Seems to be the same cop as in story above) (PINAC News)

Boston police officer charged in attack on Uber driver (WCVB 5 News)

Peachtree, Georgia police chief accidentally shoots his wife (11 News, Atlanta)

Retired NYPD cop arrested in Florida for sexually abusing 13 year old girl (New Times)

Yonkers, New York cop arrested for perjury and using falsified search warrant in fatal police raid

NYPD police officer seriously injured while riding on hood of patrol car for fun (Live Leak)

Other Urbanism, transit and city news

Innovating for smart, sustainable cities: A Q and A on urban mobility with Zipcar founder, Robin Chase (The City Fix)

Here's the right way to make transit and density work in the suburbs (Grist)

An increasing number of towns now ban the innocent joy of sledding (Reason)

8 ways American policing could change this year (Next City)

Ancient city ruins warn us about our urban future (Next City)

Iowa urbanizes as large farm operations put small towns out of work (The Grid)

More than half the world's Zoroastrians call Mumbai, India home (The Grid)

These maps show your city's best-trod running routes (Grist)

Public transit helps New Yorkers earn more money (Gothamist)

Louisville, Kentucky's underground dirt bike course gains national attention (WLKY.com)

San Francisco loves to hate the design of its newest tower (Citylab)

The economics (and nostalgia) of dead malls (The New York Times)

The complications of our deteriorating inner ring suburbs (Belt Magazine)

Other arts, architecture and archeology news

Amateur Christmas coin dig in England yields millions in rare medieval coins (UK Mirror)

Two bibles on view in NYC showcase the art and violence of medieval books (Hyperallergic)

The long march of Pop Art (The Art Newspaper)

Anish Kapoor given solo show at Versailles next year (The Art Newspaper)

Prominent Swiss art dealer confesses to homicide (Artnet News)

Picasso's granddaughter is selling $290 million worth of his art (Artnet News)

Value added tax rate on French art cut from 10% to 5.5% (The Art Newspaper)

Artist who tested freedom of expression in Cuba arrested 3 times in last 30 days- warned not to attend Havana Biennial (The Art Newspaper)

Judge approves Christo's controversial Colorado project (Hyperallergic)

Charges dropped against protestors for projecting message on Metropolitan Museum of Art (Hyperallergic)

A long lost artist of the 1950's sexual underground (Hyperallergic)

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