Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Artist Diaspora

At least one other blog in Pittsburgh seems as obsessed about the value of the wider Steeler
Nation to Pittsburgh. The Blog is actually called Burgh Diaspora and they picked up on my alumni show. I have to admit that I have mixed and rather bitter feelings about this show. It came about partly out of anger at the lack of attention given to CMU's Centennial, which should have been a world scale reunion of creative energy and a mega media opportunity. Instead, there was a modest show at The Regina Miller Gallery which relied on loans from local museums and collectors for almost all the "big name art" and it looked like few of the out of town alum were there. Did anyone at the Carnegie or the Warhol, consider getting a bunch of venues together to do a blow out show for the occasion? I think the poster you see in dentist's offices makes the point. Pittsburgh ignored it's artist's and they went away.

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