Friday, January 19, 2007


Cataclysmic in Lawrenceville took place last weekend. It was held at the Stephen Foster Community Center, a beautiful old building that is behind the Lawrenceville branch of the Carnegie Library. The organizers threw open the entire building for the event. There were videos in one room, and on a small monitor. There were three rooms devoted to visual arts. There was a hands-on workspace for creating your own art. And live music. Tons of people came out for this event and it wasn't just the usual suspects, either. If the organizers do this again, make a point of coming. You won't be disappointed.
Margaret Mary Meinzer had this entire corner on the second floor.
Live Music!
These were very beautiful pieces. The artist was S. Armbruster
These paintings were done by some guy named Mike. Really. I asked for his name and that was all he would tell me.

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