Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100 Bowling Pins by 100 Artists! @Arsenal Lanes

Hee! Okay, this was fun...


I swung by Arsenal Lanes last night to check out Art Goes Bowling. It was a lot of fun; re-purposed bowling pins were everywhere. One of the artists told me about the making of bowling pins and how, sometimes when they are deemed worn out, the inner core is basically pulverized. Little bit of trivia, there.

Anyway, the crowd and the show were a blast. It sounds like this is a yearly event, so when it rolls around next year, make sure you head over. Following is a blurb from Zombo about the exhibit --
"100 Bowling Pins by 100 Artist!" Yes, the second time we get 100 bowling pins out to ANY and ALL artist and have an Art Goes Bowling show at Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville. Come by Zombo Gallery or drop me an email to get your bowling pin to paint/sculpt/mosaic/etc. and sell it and pay no commission when it sells. The last show with pins was HUGE..don't miss it. The show is at Arsenal Lanes and features live entertainment, bowling and best of all your artwork!

Zombo Gallery
4900 Hatfield St.
Pgh, PA 15201

And here's my favorites --


Laurenty Josep (This was really cool. The colored tubes were neon. Use your imagination, 'kay?)


Pete Moon


Masha Vereshchenko




Gary Weiss


Jason Boone

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