Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ohio Professional Writers Spring Meeting: May 22

Via Brewed Fresh Daily & Cool Cleveland

Spring Meeting
May 22, 2010
11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
1613 E. Summit Street
Kent, Ohio

That's the WKSU broadcast building, I think.

Keynote Speaker: Tom Mulready of CoolCleveland.

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Ohio Professional Writers (OPW) is an organization of professional writers and communicators open to men and women. OPW is dedicated to excellence in communication and to protecting First Amendment freedoms.

OPW is a statewide network of corporate and freelance writers, editors, reporters, photographers, graphic designers, public relations, advertising practitioners and webmasters. Among our members are communication business owners, managers, production personnel, and radio personalities. Also eligible for membership are journalism teachers and college students in a communications-related field.

(Bloggers?--the line between "professional", and non "professional" journalists is blurring more and more. A critical subject I hope this blog can touch on more in the future--If we have more time and if we get more contributors.
Interestingly, the speaker, Tom Mulready is involved in non traditional media.

I think this is a member only event

Benefits and details

How To Join

If you have thoughts, events, insight or images you want to share about art, music, film, urban design, architecture, transit or history in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, Erie, Morgantown, Akron, Canton region--Cleveburgh, email me We can hook you up to post.

This is not Hyper Local media, but regional media seeking local viewpoints.

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