Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closing Reception for A Painters Legacy: The Students of Samuel Rosenberg @ Pittsburgh JCC April 30, 6-8

Seima Horvitz, Seima’s Family Seder, undated, oil on canvas, 32 1/2 x 42 inches, private collection

A last chance to see this truly amazing show at the JCC on Saturday. I know it's a full day but you will be sorry if you miss this. Also, the opening proved to be a great gathering of Pittsburgh's older generation of artists, many of whom studied under Rosenberg.

"A Painter’s Legacy is an expansive exhibit comprised of the rich and diverse work of individual artists taught and influenced by Samuel Rosenberg. A professor at Carnegie Mellon University (formerly Carnegie Institute of Technology) for 40 years and at the Young Men & Women’s Hebrew Association for 39 years, Rosenberg is credited with directly influencing four successive generations of artists. The exhibit underscores his students’ artistic achievements that, combined, span more than half a century and reflect the major art movements of the latter half of the 20th century."

Some press from the show

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CMU : The Tartan

From the Tartan,

"Although his famous pupils are impressive, equally impressive is the sheer number of his students and how loyal they still remain to Rosenberg. “The kind of person he was, as well as the kind of professor he was, in addition to the number of artists not only in Pittsburgh but really all throughout the United States, and their continual loyalty to him made [creating the exhibit] a pretty easy process for me to take up,” Hiller said. “People who studied with Samuel Rosenberg completely understand and are honored by the historical approaches and curatorial projects that people like me have, so all I really had to do was introduce myself and discuss the [exhibit] ... people were so generous because they still have such a love for Rosenberg.”

The exhibit is made up of 76 works of art from over 50 of his students, with only one of Rosenberg’s paintings. “The concept [of the exhibit] is to show his teaching style and what he taught the students who were in his class, so it’s an exhibition that’s a balance of showing him as a teacher, but showing the artwork by the students, both from Carnegie Mellon University as well as [the YM&WHA],” Hiller explained."

Exhibition Website

Sadly, this exhibit failed to get any of the national attention it deserved.

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