Friday, July 08, 2011

Steve Lambert's Make Capitalism Work For Me: Electronic Sign Project On Kickstarter

Yet an other "is that art?" piece blurring the line between technology, conceptual art and activism will be debuting in Cleveland, in association with Spaces Gallery.

The artist, Steve Lambert is planning to erect a huge sign asking the yes or no question, "does capitalism work for me?", and display real time results.

He's trying to help his planned tour of the sign around the country and pay for some of the other associated costs through Kickstarter.

See the Kickstarter video.

The plan to ask a very simplistic and loaded question and then tour the work around a series of "art world" type locations, where the "answer", is likely to come out the same seems childish and self serving. However, putting the work outside and various other opportunities for deeper engagement like a planned book-make this pretty interesting.

Who knows where all this will lead? That's what I like.

From the artist's website.

"Lambert made international news after the 2008 US election with The New York Times “Special Edition,” a replica of the “paper of record” announcing the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other good news. He has collaborated with groups from the Yes Men to the Graffiti Research Lab and Greenpeace. He is also the founder of the Center for Artistic Activism, the Anti-Advertising Agency, and Add-Art (a Firefox add-on that replaces online advertising with art) and SelfControl (which blocks grownups from distracting websites so they can get work done).

Steve’s projects and art works have won awards from Prix Ars Electronica, Rhizome/The New Museum, the Creative Work Fund, Adbusters Media Foundation, the California Arts Council, and others. His work has been shown at galleries, art spaces, and museums nationally and internationally, and in the collections of The Sheldon Museum, the Progressive Insurance Company, and The United States Library of Congress. Lambert has discussed his work live on NPR, the BBC, and CNN, and been reported on internationally in outlets including Associated Press, the New York Times, the Guardian, Harper’s Magazine, The Believer, Good, Dwell, ARTnews, Punk Planet, and Newsweek."

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