Monday, June 23, 2014

Incredible Old Master Print Show @ Carnegie Museum Mines Into Collection

Wow! I seriously doubt one can see this number of amazing old master prints in one place.

The show stands out for 3 special reasons.

1) Rare prints of this type are very rarely shown in such brightly lit rooms (The Carnegie can't do this very often)

2) The Carnegie has one of the world's best collections of master prints- with many works in the best possible condition.

3) The show is a masterpiece of display - offering loads of supportive information without undercutting the art.

Highlights of this show include - a half room of Martin Schongauer engravings & woodcuts

A full room of Albrecht Durer prints including Adam & Eve, Melancholia, Knight, Death & the Devil; St. Jerome in his study

A great selection of Lucas Cranach the Elder's prints

A large display of prints published by Heironymous Cock - many based on Pieter Bruegel's drawings.

A large room of Rembrandt etchings & drypoints including The three Crosses

A large selection of Piranesi etchings 

Small Prints, Big Artists: Masterpieces from the Renaissance to Baroque

MAY 31, 2014 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

Carnegie Museum of Art.

(In spite of the title- many of these prints are quite large- by standards of the time)

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