Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Live!!


I just want to assure my vast audience that the previous post was not some kind of suicide note. I have just been too busy to post for the last week or so. Many things have happened and I will be trying to catch up a bit.

I would also like to anounce that Merge Divide corporation has nobly joined us as an occasional contributor to this blog. Merge Divide is a nice small and sincere corp with an interest in the arts in Pittsburgh and is not affiliated with the more sucessfull Divide and Conquer corp. I have in the past often linked to posts on thier blog. The main thing is that the people behind it seem to know how to use a spell check program and can think clearly. I will continue to post when I can, with the ultimate goal of creating a more comprehensive forum for dialog about the arts in Pittsburgh.

1 comment:

marciartz said...

"Vast audience" certainly must be incouraged with your dialog conserning arts in pitts( and outa da pitts) an original
comprehensive forum!
Divide the contributors!
and merge for more intereting
conversations about art now.
Spell check tool will be my new toy.Thank-you.Do try.Marciartz
I cannot get to spell check from here, sorry.