Thursday, September 13, 2007

India: New Installations @The Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory is serving up some interesting panel discussions in conjunction with its current exhibit, India: New Installations. There are several discussions planned, the first of which is tonight. From their website --

Tonight's topic will be "Traditional vs Contemporary Approaches in Visual Art"
7pm, Thursday, September 13th

These questions will be answered: "How do contemporary visual artists relate to, and diverge from, traditional Indian art? Does globalization impact contemporary and traditional arts in India today?"

This panel discussion provides the opportunity for you, the audience, to gain a better understanding of India through dynamic presentations and discussions with renowned experts in the field.

Moderator and Presenter
Dr. Michael W. Meister (W. Norman Brown Professor of South Asian Studies, Dept. of the History of Art, University of Pennsylvania.)

Cost: $10/$5 for members and students

For information about other panel discussion, check their site. There are several on the calendar and it should be an interesting component to their exhibit.

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