Thursday, September 27, 2007

Conceived Bully in City Paper

Conceived Bully, curated by JC One, has been reviewed by Lissa Brennan in the City Paper. To our great delight! The exhibit really is phenomenal. Stay tuned, we have a special event in the works.

Following is an excerpt from A Digging Pitt exhibit highlights street art as a cooperative form.

Conceived Bully, on view at Digging Pitt Gallery, is an outstanding example of American urban art realized to its fullest potential. The yield of each of the three artists featured -- JC One (who also curated), MCA/Evil Design and MAGMO -- embodies the fundamentals of street art that herald urban aesthetic as a cooperative form. At once, each emerges as a distinctly individual creator while participating in a global artistic movement that gravitates more toward concrete than marble. And while all the stimulus bestowed by the relatively young traditions of their forbears is evident, that history has been digested and built upon rather than merely echoed. Read article
Conceived Bully, through October 27. Join us for the closing reception.

I've heard some of the kids talkin' on the bus an' I just wanna set the record straight. Evil Design is not a band of Blood Sucking Son-Of-A-Guns that like to make babies cry, they're just some kids that like to draw pictures is all.

Cultures come and cultures go. Some we remember and some we don't know.

MAGMO - The Destroyer - Rhode Island
Magmo is here to help. Magmo is here to destroy.

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