Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pittsburgh Art Events: 8/1-2/08.

The summer season is flying by, but we still have another month of sweat and sun. In most other cities, the art world is on hiatus in August, but here in the' Burgh we keep rolling right along. Of course it's the first Friday of the month, and you know what that means... Unblurred along the Penn Avenue Corridor.

This time around I'd like to shine a spotlight on Garfield Artworks (4931 Penn Ave), where teen prodigy Dean Cercone is having his first official solo show of paintings and drawings. Dean was once a student of mine, and is the nephew of one of my all-time favorite Pittsburgh painters- Rick Bach. While his uncle's influences certainly showed in the young Cercone's "early work", he has increasingly developed his own idiosyncratic style. And his experimentations are not limited to the visual realm... his music performances are innovative and unfettered by traditional conventions. Make sure to stop by between 7 and 10PM.

Over at Modern Formations, there is an exhibition (4919 Penn, from 7-10PM) of artwork by survivors of emotional and physical trauma ("SIGNS OF SURVIVAL: THE ART OF LIVING AFTER TRAUMA") . I have no idea what to expect, but I plan on having a few drinks before I hit that show. On a lighter note, MOXBOX (5014 Penn Ave) is having their second open house with artists from both the Moxie Dada and Boxheart Gallery stables. Mark Traughber, Dean Beattie, TK Mundok, Shari Lynn Bennett, and Maria Napoli are among the creators represented.

Also on the bill are two new venues- Sandidge Photography Studio and Gallery (5515 Penn Ave) and Passports: Art Diversity (5110 Penn Avenue). Apparently photographer Ahmad Sandidge will be giving away free 5 X 7" color portraits. Can't beat that. And don't miss Gene Fenlon and Jesse Zito at Sauer's Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery (5015 Penn Ave), as well as the photographic documentation of a Haitian orphanage by Laura Petrilla and Eva Mueller over at the International Children's Art Gallery (5020 Penn Ave).

As much as I am loathe to promote any happenings going on in Shadyside, I do want to give a shout-out to Gallerie Chiz (5831 Ellsworth Avenue), which is to my mind the main spot worth checking out in that neighborhood. The proprietor (Ellen Neuberg) consistently shows work by local artists that I respect and enjoy, and I would like to see her gallery stay open for many more years. Unfortunately, with the economic times the way they are (and no signs of imminent improvement) nothing should be taken for granted. If you can make time to stop by on Friday night, I'm sure Ms. Neuberg would appreciate it. She is currently running an "ARTISTS' STUDIO CLEAN-UP OFF-THE-WALL SHOW & SALE", and it features work from 45 artists, including Bill Miller, John Eastman, and Laura Jean McLaughlin. That runs through August 30.

Finally, this weekend sees the opening of the 98th Annual Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Show at the Warhol Museum. However, I couldn't find any mention anywhere of a reception. I'm assuming it's probably an invite-only deal. You can stop and see it during ordinary museum hours until September 14.

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nemo said...

the aap annual opening is tonight july 31- not strictly private but it happens the night before the exhibit opens so go figure

salon des refuse at mendelson on friday will have great work which didn't make the annual cut