Saturday, December 13, 2008

The floodgates open at the Viaduct

To avoid the sick trap of getting the Petula Clark pop song "Downtown" stuck in my head whenever I think of downtown Pittsburgh, I give my internal voice a solid yinzer accent, rendering it "dahntahn." So it is with care for others with the same affliction that I mention that there will be art dahntahn today.

Like many, I don't come dahntahn on the weekends except when preapproved to chug gallery beer until I'm reduced to a crawl. Today, however, I'm going to make it there for a triple shot of entertainment: an artists' open house, the screening of the 3 Rivers Film Fest movie "The Speed of Life", and performances by acoustic rockers. The self-described "holiday open house extravaganza" looks to be the first of many for Viaduct Studio. More information can be found on

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