Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ballistic Parking Rant On The Way

I'll admit to being a pretty emotional person who holds things in. No doubt, one wonders why so many of the most critical issues related to "livable Pittsburgh" have not come up on this blog more. First reason is that the group blog format has never developed the mass needed to take the load off one or two posters. Also no real conversation has ever developed, leaving me to mostly feel like I'm talking to myself.

The other and much more significant one is that I'm often just too pissed about things to sit down and put together the kind of posts these subjects deserve. Usually, it all ends up with either no post or an explosion of rage.

Let's just say, the recent parking (just the word--sets me off) sale lease issue is building to that level.

Once again, many (not all) of our so called "green" defenders of our environment are shown to be at best Hypocrites.


emilyspaint said...

Was that the rant? I want to hear more about this. Let loose!

Jessica said...

Wow that article is just...when I was a student at AIP I remember being so annoyed by the high price of parking and so confused about why that was. This issue is definitely something that affects everyone I just think people become a bit apathetic actually not quite sure why that is.
Basically if parking goes way up I'll just avoid doing anything downtown ever which is pretty sad.

John Morris said...

I just don't think I can. I'm too angry and not very articulate.

I do not have the normal popular opinion that parking should be subsidised in any way. I'm very happy we are finally talking about this, even if the only reason is that we are broke.

I'm also very angry but not entirely surprised by the so called green, progressives like Peduto who have come to the the defence of the indefensible.