Monday, July 26, 2010

One For The Money: Film Shoot In Shadyside

I'm a little shy and don't have the time to stalk the load of local film shoots going on. We seem to have had a steady average of about three major studio productions being shot at any given time, plus smaller independent films.

This particular film shoot landed in a pretty big way almost out my front door. so I figured it might be OK, to load a few shots showing the scale of what's going on. I can't say it's not disruptive, but clearly they are getting on with it. Also, Shadyside itself with it's college kid vibe, is hardly a "get away from it all", type place. Luckily, one doesn't have to depend too much on a car for local errands around here.

It seems a bit nuts given how flat the landscape is there, but in this case Pittsburgh is supposed to be doubling as Trenton, NJ in a film about a bounty hunter based on a best selling book. Someone said even the Trenton Makes The World Takes, bridge will be replicated in Kittanning .

Best source of info on local productions is The Pittsburgh Film Office.

A few stories about the film. Who knows how much money and development we would have if there were more "sleazy adult bookstores" on The North Side?

"The Crazy Mocha coffee shop on East North Avenue assures patrons that it's open for business during filming, even if it appears to have been transformed into a tobacco outlet -- at least on one side. Across Federal Street, there's Trenton Tattoo, a hoagie shop and an adult book-video store plus a couple of Trenton police cars, all for the movie."

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