Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Editorial in PG by David Conrad: Civic Arena: Crime Scene

This piece which although it pulls too many punches for my liking, is one of the few opinions sensitive to the real history and effects of the Civic Arena--and how it was built.

"Yes, the arena is an important symbol, an historically crucial object. Because it's a modernist masterpiece? I'm no architect, but I'd have to say, "No."

It's important because it's evidence in a crime scene. It's a weapon left on a battlefield. And this sword should be made into a plough share.

We should never forget what happened on those 28 acres. A strong, nationally known working-class neighborhood was wiped away. A neighborhood that gave Pittsburgh and America a symphony of cultural giants -- musicians, actors, merchants, sports heroes and civic leaders -- was chopped off at the knees."

I partly bring it up cause it relates to my views about what happened in Braddock.

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