Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bigg Heff's Industry Tour Attempts to Create Opportunities and Connections In Braddock

Wow, I don't mean to make this an all Braddock station but I keep coming across things that seem interesting and relevant.

Not mentioned in the recent Times piece-and rarely spoken of in the media in any positive light is Club Elegance,(formerly Club 804) where several violent incidents have happened. The mayor has made it a personal mission to shut it down.

Might the place have some value as a potential connecting point? A former resident and several others have hooked up an event, aimed at helping local artists to interact with major label execs and show off their talents.

Featuring representatives from Def Jam, Interscope, Sony, Good Music, Fontana/Universal and EMI Records, the tour gives artists who pay a $100 entrance fee a chance to network with and perform for executives.

The tour also will take artists to local music studios and allow them to perform during a closing showcase at Club Elegance, 804 Braddock Ave. The showcase winner will receive several prizes, including the chance to perform in another city on the tour's next stop.

Read full article for details.

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