Monday, November 28, 2011

The Post Gazette Looks at Pittsburgh's Dirty Dozen Bike Race

I want to see this in person next year. For better or worse, I'm not alone jumping on the bandwagon. WQED filmmaker, Rick Sebak filmed last years race, which drew more than 300 racers.

While, Pittsburgh has fewer casual bikers than some other places, many who do ride take it very seriously. This is the best known of of a large number of unsanctioned races and events.

From the Post Gazette
"Many of those people who have helped support the race and spread the word of its insane beauty over the years believe that popularity means it will soon have to change. The hills they race up are narrow streets designed two centuries ago, and it was already getting tight with 185 racers. And with 300 cyclists, the peloton is that much longer and unwieldy on even the main roads.

"It's getting to the point where now it really needs a title sponsor and some formal organization," said Mr. Gottlieb, who owns a scrap metal plant on Neville Island. "Because, eventually, something is going to happen as it gets bigger."

Glenn Pawlak, owner of Big Bank Bikes in West Mifflin and a sponsor of the race for the last two years, agreed that having 300-plus cyclists in one race could be a tipping point "or a breaking point."

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