Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harvey Pekar Tribute Drive on Kickstarter Blows Past $30,000 Goal

Looks like the amount needed to install a desk and statue memorial to Harvey Pekar at the Cleveland Height-University Heights Public Library will be well funded. It proves that projects with large amounts of latent support and good will can raise fairly large amounts of money on Kickstarter.

"Joyce Brabner, Pekar's widow, said in early November that $30,000 had to be raised by Dec. 5, for his tribute.

The campaign, started online at Kickstarter, had already raised $30,787 through Monday with 669 backers, according to Carole Wallencheck, a reference associate with the library.

With 13 days to go before the deadline, Wallencheck said any surplus donations will be given to the library to buy graphic novels."

Harvey spent a lot of time at that library.

"The desk and statue will be mounted next to the library's Harvey & Friends Used Bookstore and face the library's ever-growing comic shelves."

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