Tuesday, January 03, 2012

More Great Links ....Charles"Teenie" Harris Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art

It is wonderful to see one of my favorite photographers Teenie Harris starting to get his due. His composition is amazing, as is his ability to capture the personalities of his subjects. And his contribution to the photographic documentation of American life, is, in my opinion, unequalled. The exhibit of his work at the Carnegie (already previously discussed in this blog), is up through April 7th. This exhibit was at the top of the Post Gazette's list of outstanding exhibits of 2011(the exhibit opened late October, 2011)
NPR recently aired an excellent story about Teenie Harris, The Big Legacy of Charles "Teenie" Harris For the audio, go here
The Post Gazette has added to their series (called "Two Shots")of interviews of individuals photographed by Mr. Harris. These video interviews focus on the memories of specific individuals who were photographed decades ago, either for their portrait, or as part of a Pittsburgh Courier story. Artists, take note of the video of Thaddeus Mosley. For the series go here

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