Sunday, April 01, 2012

GA/GI Festival Details: Green Fire and Haute Fashion

Don't miss the Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival in Pittsburgh from Thursday, April 5-Saturday, April 7th in various east end locations. This fire is lit and feed by stories shared. Come down to BFG Cafe(Big Fat Greek), at 5335 Penn Avenue and take part in our Unofficial Show and Tel l(Meet and Greet), Open Jam, and Interactive Story-Sharing Circle. Bring your music, acting, poetry, stories and- if nothing else- bring yourself!

Tentative Story-line for Gathering(Could be longer or shorter)
2-3 pm: Unofficial Show and Tell( Connections and Conversation Time)
3-4 pm: Open Story Jam (Improb Collaboration)
4-5 pm: Story-Sharing Circle(Main Event)

We encourage you to share stories that are related to the environment, but are open to all subjects that uplift.
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Fashionation: March of the Fashionists is GA/GI's way of showcasing eco, reimagined and vintage looks from unique fashion designers from Pittsburgh and beyond! A newcomer from Philadelphia is artist Joanne Douglas with an upcycled handbag collection--Feonixe. Feonixe is a movement in modern material culture. Each piece is one-of-a kind and custom made by upcycling fabrics and materials, encouraging us all to, live, shop, design on purpose," Returning fashionistas include the Neighborhood Academy and LaVerne Kemp who wowed the audience with her sylized bee-keeper hat and jewelry from only the best recycled bits!

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