Monday, September 03, 2012

Opening Saturday, September 8th, 4-6 "Curator's Choice

Wonderful visual art seems to be all over Pittsburgh, all the time these days. Yet another example is the exhibit opening at Concept Gallery next Saturday,

"Curator's Choice:Celebrating 40 Years of Concept Gallery". Twenty three curators have selected works from "around the world". Including Western Pennsylvania, which is quite well-represented. Given the artists and the curotors listing this has to be a must see. And I, for one, will not miss the opening, which should be packed and fun. Though I will probably have to go back another time to really see the exhibit. Here is a list of the curators and artists:
Curators: Linda Benedict-Jones, Mel Berkovitz, Bob Bridges, Isabelle Chartier, Curt Gettman, Bob Gilliland, Murray Horne, Jeff Jarzynka, Barbara Jones, Tina Kukielski, Brian Lang, Barbara Luderowski, Garth Massingill, Heather McElwee, Janet McCall, Steve Mendelson, Clayton Merrell, Michael Olijnyk, Judy O'Toole, Kevin O'Toole, Graham Shearing, Henry Simonds, and Jack Tomayko
Dylan Vitone, Gary Bukovnik, Joseph Lupo, Serge Clement, Gabe Felice, George Hetzel, A.C. Wooster, A.F. King, A. Bryan Wall..., Jonathan Chamberlain, Ryan Woodring, Jane Haskell, Julian Stanczak, Ed Panar, Ben Kinsley & Jessica Langley, Henry Koerner, Carin Mincemoyer, Ryder Henry, John Kiley, Bovey Lee, Not Vital, Elizabeth Deasy, Anna E. Mikolay, Leslie Gabosh, Kevin O'Toole, David Ludwig, A.S. Wall, A.B. Wall, Hugh Newell, Charles Linford, Jasper Lawman, Sarah Small, Joyce Werwie Perry, and Michelle Dresbold, Donald Rager, Vanessa German, Anna Bender, Kevin Dao, Randy Gentile, Rosamund Wolff Purcell, Gertrude Quastler, Jane Hyland, Christopher Taylor, Mark Sloan, Mark Catesby, Atelier Populaire Collective, Ayanah Moor, Terry Young, Hugh M Poe, Paul Schifino, Paul Bowden, Everett Sturgeon, Francisco Goya, Jake Chapman, E Caldwell Linker, Thommy Conroy, Leonard Leibowitz

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