Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seeking Higher Ground: Works by Steve Ehret

Seeking Higher Ground: Works by Steve Ehret 

 Unblurred always has some great shows, and ModernFormations Gallery consistently brings the best out in the artists that exhibit there. In Seeking Higher Ground, Steve Ehret's paintings and mixed media work is a high point for September's offerings along the Penn Ave arts corridor. 

As a whole, the show is sensual, with the works presented in gilded frames along the dusty, deep purple walls of the back gallery. Mr. Ehret's monochromatic works would, at first glance, seem to lean towards the austere. But on closer examination, there is a sense of whimsy in the subjects. 

 His self-imposed limitations on his palette place the emphasis on the details and characters in these small works. Close examination of the paintings reveals tiny figures and delicate convolutions in the landscapes. The mixed medium show a sense of exploration, with a loose gestural quality. Strictly from the cheap seats, and since I am a big fan of webgames, I got a sense of that aesthetic from these works. There is something in the works that heralds pop culture. That is more than likely something that I am bringing to the work, I am guilty of being purely subjective in my enjoyment of art. 

The exhibit is in place through September 28. 

Seeking Higher Ground: Works by Steve Ehret 
Through September 28, 2012 
4919 Penn Avenue. 
Gallery Hours 
*Thursdays 7pm - 9pm 
*Saturdays 1pm - 4pm 
*Private appointments are available by request

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