Friday, October 26, 2012

Retiring Stagehand Looks back on 40 Years of Pittsburgh Theater

The Trib has an amazing look at Ken Brannigan, retiring from The Benedum. (formerly The Stanley Theater)

Brannigans have been working Pittsburgh backstages for more than a century. The walls of Brannigan’s Benedum basement office display photos of union picnics and parades that illustrate the history of Pittsburgh theater, Brannigan’s family and Local 3.

His great uncle John Brannigan was an assistant electrician at the New Duquesne Theatre in 1910. During the years, Brannigan’s three great uncles, his father, his uncle, his brother and an assortment of cousins and their kids have joined the union and worked backstage.
Likly not gonna happen, but I wish he would write a book.

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