Tuesday, June 18, 2013

George Nama: Fleeting Images: A Survey @ Shepherd W&K Galleries in NY

I know, this is a Pittsburgh art blog mostly but as usual on my last NY trip I came across several shows of local artists or people with strong ties to the city.

George Nama was my favorite teacher at Pratt Institute; I knew he was from Pittsburgh and attended Carnegie Tech. As great as he was as a teacher, the truth is he rarely showed us much of his own personal work, preferring that we find our own paths.

I had to pop in when I saw his name on an uptown, NY gallery not far from The Met. The show turned out to be a mini retrospective tilted towards very early works from his Homestead youth in the 1950's. Even the smallest and earliest works shown seen to have a quiet poetic power and often strangeness. He is very sensitive to nuance, texture and line.

Check out the catalog and if you are in NYC, check out the show which includes several large drawings and watercolors picturing Homestead in the late 1950's.

George Nama: Fleeting Images: A Survey
June 4th
through July 26th, 2013

Shepherd  W &  Galleries
58 East 79th Street
New York, New York 10075 USA
Tel: (212) 861-4050

Tuesday through Saturday 10 am until 6 pm or by appointment.


Susan Constanse said...

This sounds like a great show. It makes me want to get up to NYC again.

John Morris said...

Yes, it was great. Hoping The Westmoreland might do a George Nama retrospective. George was good friends with Bob Qualters by the way. Also went Carnegie Tech with George Romero. I believe he also was involved in the Jazz scene here too as a musician.

As far as the NY gallery scene goes... honestly, it feels stale and lame, Of course the museums are always great and that's what I did most days I wasn't with my family.