Thursday, June 27, 2013

Joshua Hogan at BoxHeart

Joshua Hogan: Innocence and Arrogance
Joshua Hogan Innocence and Arrogance
Do you think that verbalizing about visual arts is applicable in every instance and for every artist? I don't, and I think Joshua Hogan's work is a good example of when speculating on philosophical content falls short.

These are paintings about life, in an experiential interaction that inserts itself sideways into your mind. Do you know what I mean? His paintings reflect the fullness of life, without a narrative and with a diversity of points of view. Mr. Hogan's work leaves narrative in favor of a fullness of exploration.

With all of that said, I reacted strongly to Innocence and Arrogance (above). It's quite striking, for all that the palette has been limited. At first sight, from a distance where your vision encompasses the entire work, there is a sense of pattern and rhythm. Close inspection brings a different reward, with a rich surface texture. While the saturated dashes of color play across the canvases rhythms in a sweet counterpoint from a distance, they become a main player at closer scrutiny with subtle marks and detailed line.

I know I've focused a lot on this one work. The entire show is of the same quality,and is well worth giving yourself some time to really see the exhibit in its entirety. You can view installation images, or Mr. Hogan's portfolio, for a full scope of the exhibit.

The Way and The Wayfarers: Paintings by: Joshua Hogan
June 25th - July 20th, 2013
Public Reception: Saturday, June 29th: 5 - 8pm
4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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