Saturday, August 16, 2014

Georgia Teens Develop App to Rate Law Enforcement & Report Abuse

Few things can make or break a city like the quality of its law enforcement (formerly known as peace officers) "Crime Rate", data alone, assuming it is accurate doesn't fully measure how a place feels. Is there really peace? Three pretty amazing high school freshman in Georgia developed an app that allows people to log on and document interactions with officers, rate departments and report abuse. One can also find police stations & communicate with others about local law enforcement issues.
“We’d like to know which regions in the US provide horrible law enforcement services as well as highlight the agencies that are highly rated by their citizens. In addition to putting more power into the hands of citizens when interacting with law enforcement, we believe that highly rated police departments should be used as models for those that fail at providing quality law enforcement services”, says Co-founder and Parkview High School senior, Ima Christian.
Read about this fantastic concept here. Full roll out of the app is coming in days

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