Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/10- 9/17 2014 Weekly Arts and Urbanism Roundup


The Cleveland Museum of Art celebrates 25th chalk Art festival. (

The link between Northeast Ohio's flooding and its sprawl. (Streetsblog)


New loft apartments and Brew Pub planned for old Tire factory.

Other Ohio Arts and Urbanism News

Columbus Dispatch Writer cycling and blogging across Ohio.


Pittsburgh poet, Terrance Hayes named MacArthur fellow. (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood celebrates 200 years!  (Essential Pittsburgh)

Does the city's high self-esteem create new problems?  (Essential Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh cyclists concerned about redesign of Schenley Drive in Oakland (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Artists from Mattress Factory discuss making it in Pittsburgh. (Pitt News)

Kurt Shaw reviews 2014 Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors annual @ Panza Gallery. (Tribune Review)

Pennsylvania DEP estimates there are 40 active underground coal fires burning across the state- including one under Pittsburgh Airport. (PA Independent)

West Virginia

Five free things to do in West Virginia in the fall. (Houston Chronicle)

Other Arts and Urbanism News 

Indiana campus police acquire massive amounts of surplus military gear (JC online)

The Bronx is booming with boutique and luxury hotels (New York Daily News) 

The new donut - decline of the inner ring suburbs. (Urbanophile)

"We can't have density there because there's not enough transit." (Human Transit)

How Germany's ban on Uber hurts the poor. (Business Week)

Others see Toronto as a success. Why don't we?  (The Toronto Star)

Europe's big airlines no longer want to fly in Europe. (Business Week)

Wisconsin's famous Amish and Mennonite, Kolona, cheese "factory" closes due to government regulations.

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John Stegall said...

This Saturday from from 11am to 6pm is also the 12th annual Sparx City Hop in Cleveland, featuring trolley hops from Downtown to Ohio City, Tremont, AsiaTown and several other lively and emerging neighborhoods. Many studios, galleries, restaurants and markets will be staging open houses along each trolley route. A great way to catch of glimpse of what's hot in Cleveland.