Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/18 - 9/24 Weekly Arts and Urbanism Roundup


Mayor Peduto proposes real estate ta hike to fill projected $35 million budget shortfall.

Who are Pittsburgh's best professors?  (Pittsburgh Magazine)

Ed Piskor is Pittsburgh's Hip-Hop historian (Pittsburgh Magazine)

Chicago blogger rallies in defense of a bikeable Pittsburgh (Pop City)

Pittsburgh Public Market hosts first-ever food swap. (Pop City)  .


There's a reason you're hearing so much about Cleveland these days (Next City)

Cleveland State University president to move downtown, becomes first CSU head to not live in Shaker Heights. (Cleveland Scene)

Bach, Boulez and ballet highlight new Cleveland Orchestra season.


How Cincinnati's pro-streetcar campaigners won in the end. (Atlantic/ Citylab)

West Virginia

Barbara Hicks Lacey remembers Charleston during segregation. (West Virginia Public Radio)

West Virginia urged to fight for international tourists

Twelve West Virginia communities focus on abandoned and blighted properties

Other Urbanism News.

Strange cloud over St. Louis turns out to be a huge swarm of butterflies. (Atlantic/Citylab)

Want to see more Millennials as home owners? Ease FHA condo restrictions. (Next City)

The Pink Zone: Why Detroit is the new Brooklyn (Fortune Magazine)

Placemaking and street design for conservatives  (Urbanism Speakeasy)

If so many people support mass transit, why do so few ride?  (Atlantic/ Citylab)

Walking through the art of black radical Brooklyn (Next City)

Why cities should strive for streets that "fail"  (Streetsblog)

Private owner of Indiana Turnpike files or bankruptcy

Bi-partisan Senate bill would give locals more control of transportation spending. (Streetsblog)

Art News: 

Hyperallergic talks with longtime Pittsburgh based artist, Christopher Kardambikis @ The New York Art Book Fair. (Hyperallergic)

Do Mexican drug lords buy art?  (Hyperallergic)

The esoteric world of print collecting (The New York Times)

Great piece on museum and gallery no-photo policies (Business Insider AU)

In London,showcases for self-taught artist's works  (Hyperallergic)

Unfinished work by Leonardo nearly restored. (The Art Newspaper)

Fashion photography is the art world's rising star  (The New York Times)

Paleolithic art at Spanish, Altamira Caves to remain open until February 2015 (The Art Newspaper)

Two new Mayan cities discovered in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. (The Art Newspaper)

Banned Books week: Comic books and literary censorship.  (Reason Magazine)

Banned Books Week: Guess which book topped the list again?  (Reason Magazine)

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