Monday, October 27, 2014

Why is Baldwin Wallace Ashamed of Cleveland?

Baldwin Wallace University is a small but highly ranked school currently running radio ads in the Pittsburgh market.

Nothing wrong with the school from what I can see. Some highlights:

"BW is also ranked among the Best Midwestern Colleges by the Princeton Review and as a Best College Value by Kiplinger's."
 About 19% of our freshmen rank in the top ten percent of their graduating class, while 54% rank in the top quarter.
 Neuroscience program:  Since inception in 1998, 95% of its students who have applied have been accepted into graduate programs or medical school.
 Music Theatre program:  Ranked among the top ten in the country by Backstage, the industry's professional journal."
Nothing really wrong with the ads either, which encourage Pittsburgh students to check out a great school- only two hours from Pittsburgh.

Two hours in which direction? Near what? You have to Google to discover they are almost in Cleveland !!!

Sports jokes aside, what makes them so reluctant to say so? Wouldn't a medical student like to know about the Cleveland Clinic or music students be interested in Cleveland's internationally acclaimed orchestra?

Contrast these Baldwin Wallace ads with Point Park's proud Pittsburgh-centric sales pitch and you see the glaring difference between the two cities.

Before Cleveland can market itself to the world it needs to convince local and regional institutions it is a worthwhile place.


Baldwin Wallace University said...

Au contraire, John! BW <3 CLE! our location is one of many advantages of going to school at BW... just ask any student who's landed a great internship or enjoyed seeing the Rock Hall, a show at PlayhouseSquare, or King James and the Cavs! Radio copy is limited; we can't possibly fit all of our pride points into :30 seconds. Come see for yourself - we have a big Visit Day coming up November 15.

John Morris said...

Radio copy is too limited to mention one of the major reasons for attending?

Either BW is ashamed of Cleveland or somehow thinks Pittsburghers would be grossed out by it. At least that is the way it comes across.