Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/18/14 - 11/26/14 Arts and Urbanism Roundup


12 year old Cleveland boy with BB gun shot and killed by police (Slate)

Two story bowling alley/eatery/lounge bar set to open in University Circle (

Culinary conversation whets the appetite at Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art  (Cleveland Jewish News)

Transportation town hall focuses on bikes, pedestrians and transit (

What comes first along West 25th Street- housing density or faster transit?  (


What Millennials love about Pittsburgh (The Atlantic)

Yinz heard about Pittsburgh's new protected bike lanes?  (Grist)

Pittsburgh Penguins fans ranked as best in NHL for 3rd straight year (Forbes)

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review looks at local Bluegrass jam sessions (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)

Other Urbanism and Architecture News

MoMA presents tactical urbanism strategies for six expanding megacities (Designboom)

Dry San Diego to look to sewers as water source (MyFoxDC)

LA's transit agencies see success with suicide prevention camapign (ABC 7 News)

Should we consider ending the interstate highway system? (Strong Towns)

Thinking too highly of higher ed (Washington Post)

In pictures: An awful night in Ferguson (CityLab)

Police rarely criminally charged for on-duty shootings (Wall Street Journal) 

Baltimore jail staff corruption probe widens (Baltimore Sun)

How Silicon Valley created the world's biggest homeless camp (CityLab)

Global corruption a bigger scourge than terrorism (CBC News)

Seven reasons police brutality is systemic not anecdotal (American Conservative) (July 2)

Can cell phones stop police brutality?  (CNN)

Declining walkability plays a big role in China's obesity problem (CityLab)

Other Arts and Archeology News

The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture opens permanent NY space. (The Art Newspaper)

Visions of heaven and earth in an ancient Chinese tomb (Hyperallergic)

The mysterious death of the art world's favorite sheikh (The Daily Beast)

A journey deep inside Spain's temple of cave art (BBC Travel)

Why kissing in public is political in India (NBC News)

ISIS is waging another war on culture and history (Public Radio International)

Inside the Middle East's vanishing ancient religions (The Boston Globe)

Billboard includes streaming in music charts (The New York Times)

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