Thursday, December 04, 2014

11/26/14 - 12/4/14 Arts and Urbanism Roundup


Story of the first commercial radio broadcast (Appalachian History)

Central Catholic High School building new science, math and technology building (Essential Pittsburgh)

Local holiday markets for black Friday and beyond (Essential Pittsburgh)


Round up of Cleveland reactions to Tamir Rice shooting (Belt Magazine)

Boy Shot (Belt Magazine)

Home is where the football-hungry heart is (Freshwater Cleveland)

Inside the bizarre Cleveland Bazaar and ten years of peddling indie Cleveland arts (Freshwater Cleveland)


"A champion of the people": Youngstown says goodbye to Jim Trafficant (Belt Magazine)

Other Urbanism and Architecture News

Respected science journal, Nature publishes sober report on long term shale prospects (Houston Chronicle)

"Don't change the arts district" Says guy who arrived last year (LA Curbed)

New downtown LA shuttle service is "like a free Uber" (LA Curbed)

Loup: The love child of Uber and a bus service (Re/Code)

Leaving Paris for her suburbs (Washington Post)

NYC ground-zero transit hub to cost over $4 billion- twice original estimate (Fox News)

New Jersey Transit sending train crews to "charm school" (

New elevator is like a vertical mass-transit system (TreeHugger)

The horror every day: Police brutality in Houston goes unpunished (Texas Observer)

Hundreds of killings by police not included in homicide statistics (Fox News)

Rise of walking for fun and fitness as a social trend (Huffington Post)

Other Arts and Archeology News

Christie's chief makes surprise exit (The Art Newspaper)

Who will pay for Miami's new and improved museums? (The Art Newspaper)

Historian spots lost avant-garde  painting in background of kid's movie (Hyperallergic)

The revelry and luxury of Art Basel Miami Beach (New York Times)

How private collectors helped make Miami an Art Destination (West Virginia Public Radio)

5 famous stolen pieces of art (And where to see them) (Huffington Post)

Archeologists find Medieval City in UK (The Telegraph)

Long time New York Times, art writer resigns after several plagiarism incidents (ArtNet)

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