Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/10/14 - 12/17/14 Arts and Urbanism Roundup

Note: Weekly news dominated by police brutality and abuse issues. Hopefully, this will not always be the case.


Pittsburgh evening street parking charges delayed (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Many in Allegheny County share the transit pain (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Once a trend, creative church reuse is now a modern tradition in Pittsburgh (Pop City)

Forbes ranks Pittsburgh as America's second smartest city (Forbes)


White Castle will close all 5 restaurants in the Cleveland/Akron area (

Cleveland mayor on collision course with Justice Department over police violence (

Cleveland Police's telling response to Tamir Rice and the DOJ report (Rust Wire)

Canadian columnist sees Cleveland's HealthLine BRT as a model (Toronto Sun)

Many long-eligible acts headed for 2015 Rock Hall class in Cleveland (WKSU News)


An illustrated mythology splashes over Akron Art Museum walls (WKSU News)

West Virginia and Appalachia

Why did Green Bank West Virginia ban wireless signals? For Science. (The Atlantic)

Last public hanging in West Virginia remembered with historic marker (The News Center)

Kentucky's moonlight schools (Appalachian History)

Other Urbanism and Transit News

Interactive Map: US police have killed at least 3,100 people since 2000 (Vox) (There is no official database of police fatalities)

Police brutality and living out of fear (Time Magazine)

San Fransisco cops found guilty of theft and corruption (KTVU News)

Texas cop uses stun gun on elderly man over inspection sticker (Huffington Post)

Video shows cops lied about traffic stop death of elderly man in Florida (CBS News)

San Jose cop suspended for threatening protestors of police brutality on Twitter (Vice News)

Time for a police offenders registry: A police job is a privilege not a right (Reason)

Did Congress stop marijuana legalization in D.C.? (Reason)

Regional transit app on the way for Chicago commuters (Mobile Payments Today)

Five signs America is falling in love with public transit (CNN Travel)

NYPD still doesn't investigate all fatal traffic accidents (Streetsblog)

The high cost of unwalkable school districts (Streetsblog)

A widely used planning manual tends to recommend building far too many roads (Citylab)

The Chinese government is building "affordable housing", in Brooklyn (Citylab)

Towards canine equity in the city (The Urbanist)

Other Arts and Archeology News

19 free art museums you should visit over the holidays (Huffington Post)

The evolving face of Santa, as seen in the Smithsonian's vast collections (

Cathedrals hunt for stolen bible pages worth millions (The Art Newspaper)

Getting to know the artisans who make other people's art (Hyperallergic)

Overcoming conflict: India and Pakistan to share pavilion at Venice Biennale (The Art Newspaper)

Smithsonian's Asian Art collection goes online (The Art Newspaper)

Virtual galleries open new markets for art (BBC News)

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