Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fiji Island Mermaid Press

I guess this is a follow on to the post on Pittsburgh's emergence for small press and self publishing. Marc Snyder, who is a very recent transplant to Pittsburgh puts out these almost always amazing little books. A few border on just didactic propaganda and yet almost always get beyond that with the pure humor and economy of means. Some of them border on genius. Of the sample set he sent me-- so far my favorites are- How To Draw Jean- Paul Sartre; Understanding Quantum Mechanics and Threat Gestures.

Marc was just buzzed about on the Size Matters blog and will have a show at Kent State that will open on October 26th ( any one wana give me a ride? ) Oooops, that was last year. Marc sent me the show card with his books and I kind of assumed it was coming up.

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