Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Larryville Art Night -- Part II

So, here's Part II of the Art Night in Larryville. There are three galleries on Hatfield Street, two of which had openings on Saturday, at the same time as Digging Pitt's preview event. My first stop was at the Society for Cultural Exchange. The show on the first floor was beautiful. Linda Byrne & Maggie Dubris: The Vanishing Birds Project had visual as well as sound components.

Trinity Gallery was my last stop for the evening. I think the Friday night gallery crawl took its toll. Dan Gaser's phtographs were on display for the show. There were these three small prints, near the door, that I thought were really wonderful and showed and interesting depth of tone.

The crowd scene at Trinity -- the downtown gallery crawl the previous night was really packed. I was really pleased to see so many people out on a frigid night to see art in Larryville.

Other galleries in Larryville and the Penn Avenue corridaor are listed here.

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